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Annotated Bibliography

Prepare an annotated bibliography of the resources that are attached to the instructions. When completing the annotated bibliography make sure to put the citations in alphabetical order and not separated by website and article but as one in alphabetical order. Please note  that the same rules for citation that apply to other documents (such as […]

Assignment: Application Of Role Theory To A Case Study

This week, you will use role theory to apply to your chosen case study. In other words, your theoretical orientation—or lens—is role theory as you analyze the case study. Use the same case study that you chose in Week 2. (Remember, you will be using this same case study throughout the entire course). Use the “Dissecting a Theory and […]


This is a 2 part assignment.  Complete the application and answer the questions listed below in a 3-page Word Document. The previous completed application is attached with the blank one for this assignment. Psychological experiments that are conducted on human or animal subjects must go through a review by an administrative body known as an […]

Personality Theories In The Psychodynamic Tradition

For your initial post, you will examine the contributions of a theorist who was instrumental in developing the psychoanalytic theoretical approach based on the first letter of your last name. Please see below for your assigned theorist. Carl Jung: last names beginning with D through G: Jones, R. A. (2013). Jung’s “Psychology with the Psyche” […]

Case Analysis – Collaborating With Outside Providers

4 Full Pages Well-Written Paper   Due 1/8/2018 NO LATER   NO PLAGIARISM                                PSY 650 Week Three Treatment Plan Attached Due 1/8/2018 NO LATER         PLEASE FOLLOW DIRECTIONS Prior to beginning work on this assignment, read the PSY650 Week Three Treatment Plan  and Case 9: Bulimia Nervosa in Gorenstein and Comer (2014). Please also read the Waller, Gray, Hinrichsen, Mounford, […]

Unit VIII Research PSY

 Unit VIII Research Paper Comprehensive Assignment Throughout this course, you have taken on the role as an I-O psychologist and considered training plans for the individual PSY 3490, Industrial Organizational Psychology 3 and the team. For Unit VIII, you will expand upon that idea and focus on the organization. Using the plans that you have […]

The Impact Of Social Media And Technology

Twenty-first century middle school students are intellectually and socially different from any generation that has come before them. The advent of texting, social networking, and social media, and the ease at which they can navigate the Internet has connected these learners to their friends and mass media 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. […]

Complete Your Paper Abstract, Highlighting The Key Findings And Conclusions. On The Movie Antwone Fisher

Abnormal Psychology: Antwone Fisher The Antwone Fisher is a movie that offers a narrative of one of the characters struggling with his past. The movie features the name of the main character, Antwone Fisher. He serves as a Navy petty officer and exhibits challenges getting over his past. The killing of his father before his birth and […]

Social Psychology In Offender Reentry Journal Article

When working with offenders through the process of reentry, it is important to utilize methods and interventions that have been shown to be effective and that help to reduce recidivism. Social psychology has many applications in the rehabilitation of offenders. This assignment asks you to combine these elements to determine how the principles of social […]